Follow the uploading procedure to generate new icon from image. If you need to fix some pixels and colors you can use our raster graphic editor before convert image to ICO.

Upload image file to convert it to favicon.ico

Supported file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png
Maximum file size: 2 MB

Fun and easy

Using this online software you can convert any jpg, jpeg, gif or png image and download favicon icon file with transparent background support. If you don't have a right picture to convert you can draw your icon from scratch, pixel by pixel. Draw a car for your auto magazine, shopping cart for e-commerce website, doctor or stethoscope for medical information and health website, money or chart for your successful business and insurance project. You're only limited by your imagination.

How to Upload - Main steps

  • 1) Select an appropriate image
  • 2) Upload it using the following form
  • 3) Edit or remove some pixels if needed
  • 4) Click on Download button and fill all the necessary fields
  • 5) Upload generated .ico via FTP to public_html or www folder

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