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For what do you need favicon?

First, favicon.ico icon is useful when many tabs are open in the browser. Very often the site titles can not be seen, and the Favorite icon is the only way to identify your site. It is visually easier to find the desired tab and thus, save your time.

Second, properly generated favicon icon attracts attention. By favicon can be concluded about site without having open it - it's convenient, but not always objective, as often making a good website designers are not engaged in the development of *.ico or finding the proper icon generator tool.

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How to create a good icon using favicon online generator?

Let's change the main topic of the article from technology to marketing for a while. Just like the logo design, to generate favicon is a primary step you should follow to have your brand recognized. In 16x16 favicon.ico canvas you can display a company logo (processed by pixel), the first letter of the company name, slick image and so on. The main thing is to make an icon looks professional and clean. Using any of online favicon generators the process of creation will be easy and interesting.

Here are some popular examples of branded website icons you can inspire to generate favicon for your site:

  • WordPress favicon - use the first capital letter W.
  • Drupal favicon - use illustrative icon of a water droplet, which is part of the brand's logo.
  • Joomla favicon - use the logo sign, means "all together".

There are an endless number of favicons on the web, you can also browse our Latest section to check free favicon icons and inspire. The web is a powerful and effective platform to build your own brand.

While using the favicon icon generator pay attention to:

  • Color - choose the color pallet of your logo and your brand so the favicon will look harmoniously with your website.
  • Character - if your brand has a character it is a good idea to use him on favicon. Generate a small 16x16 version of the character, no matter smoothed or pixelated.
  • Emotion - use some emotions like smile, laugh, sad, cool, giggle, dull etc.
  • Shapes - use different shapes while playing with our icon generator to make your favicon looks like a triangle, square, circle, etc.
  • Uniqueness - be unique and creative to stand out from your competitors.

You are very welcome to use Faviconer icon generator. This tool designed to be used for free and we'll be happy if it helps your business.